Studley Priory WI

Studley Priory WI is a group of well over 40 inspiring women who meet once per month during the evening, and at other times as the need arises.  Our monthly meeting place is the Parish Centre, situated in Old Vicarage Gardens off Needle Close, which is almost directly opposite the Tesco Local store in the centre of the village. There is a car park at the rear of the Parish Centre.  If you’ve never been to a WI Meeting before, why not pop along to the next Meeting as a visitor?  You’ll be made very welcome!

Studley Priory is a busy WI with plenty of activity and as much encouragement for you to get involved as you could wish!  A variety of interesting Speakers are booked for our Monthly Meetings which are always good fun with plenty to talk about. Our own annual schedule will usually include several trips and regular evenings out in our own local area. We also take full advantage of the excursions and events organised by our County Federation.

In September 2007, 24 Priory members embarked on a ground-breaking trip to Brussels, to visit the European Parliament. The trip was made possible by a grant from Awards for All and the local MEP Philip Bushill-Matthews, who also sponsored the visit.

Many of our group did not know a great deal about the workings of the European Parliament and were rather sceptical about its role, particularly when we are bombarded in the press by reports of  straight bananas and other seemingly minor trivia! However, Mr Bushill-Matthews gave us a new insight into the reasons for the formation of the Parliament and the work it carries out. We were also briefed by a Swedish MEP Anna Ibrisagic, who was born in Bosnia, and in 1994 fled the conflict in Bosnia, to start a new life in Sweden. Anna has a passionate view of the European Union’s role in ensuring peace in Europe. She expressed this  sentiment with great feeling and many of the group were very moved by this dynamic lady.

Our visit certainly gave us a new perspective about the EU, the Euro and the European Parliament. There was general agreement that the visit had been a worthwhile opportunity which had, without doubt, raised our European Awareness and widened our horizons!

During 2006 the Awards for All Lottery Fund was approached and, as a result, 25 Members were fully funded to attend a two day residential course at Denman College. They have since brought their newly acquired skills back to Studley for the benefit of all.

We make good use of email to contact all our Members, which is helping us to keep everyone informed, save paper and reduce our carbon footprint!

Never let it be said that our WI is all jam and Jerusalem!